Today is March 17

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It's the day where I would resent everyone wearing green at my grade school because my parents had instilled in me a feeling that it wasn't fair that everyone wore green for St. Patrick's Day but nobody wore red for St. Joseph's Day. It's the day where in college my roommate would wake up early to slam some espresso and get drunk before class. It's the day where the cab drivers would put plastic on their seats. It's the day where I think about making corned beef and then get a little bit grossed out by the idea and realize that I'd probably be the only one in the house eating it so the concept of eating a pound of corned beef on my own is even grosser. It's the day where bars add a bit of green food coloring to cheap beer and act like it's a special treat. Today though I am working from home and don't have to interact with the world at all, which I think means it's my favorite St. Patrick's Day on record. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Slainte!

Oh, also, I wrote about American Idol.