The Vonzell Solomon Interview

Hi readers! I'm putting this interview up a day early since I'm going on mini spring-break starting tomorrow. I'll be back Wednesday March 2.

If you've been a loyal American Idol viewer (see my write up of Wednesday night's episode here), you'll recognize today's interviewee as the third-place finisher in Season 4 of the show. I'm interviewing her now though because a few weeks I saw her singing in the very entertaining Burn the Floor and before I recognized her I was basically crushing on her as she performed--very Jessica Rabbit but with better pipes. So I caught up with her to find out what Vonzell's been up to lately besides touring with the show.

What are your favorite numbers in Burn the Floor?
Wow: all of the numbers are great. I would have to say "Nights in White Satin" and "Wanna Make Love."

Have you learned any moves from the dancers?
Yes, I've picked up a few things here and there such as the rumba.

Do you have a pre-show routine to get you warmed up and ready?

Yes, I pray, drink tea, stretch my body and warm up my voice.

Do you get to catch many other musicals and plays while on tour?

Unfortunately no.

Are you channeling any other performers when you appear in the show?
Yes, ha! Tina Turner for "Proud Mary", Aretha Franklin for "Wanna Make Love" and sometimes I channel my inner Beyonce!

What do you do with your days off?
I sleep in, catch up with friends and family, hang out with the cast, write and record music.

Who are you listening to a lot lately?
Beyonce, Kings of Leon, MaryMary...I'm all over the place- I love all kinds of music

What are the themes of your newest album? When can we expect it?

The new album will be Soul, R&B, Pop due to be released this July/August.

Are you watching American Idol? What do you think of the new judges?
I honestly haven't had time to watch because we`ve had eight shows a week and its been a little hectic, but I will be tuning in soon & starting up my idol vlog again, "The BabyV Show", on my youtube channel.

Speaking as a former carrier, what's the best tip their postal carrier can receive when it's the holiday season (knowing they can't accept money)?
COOKIES!!!! I LOVED WHEN I WOULD GET COOKIES OR CANDY!! Sometimes it gave me that extra push to get through my day: ha!

How is a Rural Letter Carrier different from a city letter carrier?

There are a lot of differences a few are : Rural carriers deliver mail to rural communities, opposed to a city carrier who delivers in city. Rural carriers wear plain clothes, city carriers wear uniforms. But both work in the same office

What's the last song you sang, whether it was in the shower, onstage, to the radio?
My single "Dirt Bag" (Now on iTunes). I was updating my website and because it starts to play automatically it got stuck in my head and I cant stop singing it!

How does it feel to be the 276th person interviewed for

I'm honored! Thank you so much for featuring me & I`d be more than happy to do it again.