The NBC Mobile Unit

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So here we are in Chicago, blizzarded up. The thing that amuses me is that no matter how old you are how how much the snow will f up your life, we still get kind of excited when we know the snow is coming. Maybe partially because it's fun to see if the meteorologists' dire warnings are accurate (this time, they were).

I got to go home early yesterday which kicked off a long list of things that I feel thankful for: having a boss who let me leave at 2 PM, having a car, having a garage, a fireplace, a full refrigerator, power, a snow removal service, being alive and warm and pretty comfortable.

One thing that I do NOT think is so great though is NBC Channel 5's "Mobile Unit" Storm Chaser. We've been watching local news like it's going out of style and NBC has this "new technology" that, as far as I can tell, consists of a guy in a camera driving around. Is it really that unusual to get a live feed from inside a moving car? The reporters are excitedly saying "This is happening live." What is happening live? A reporter is being driven around slowly showing us stuff we can't really see that well because it's a.) through a car window and b.) it's snowing. (There isn't really anything going on, anyway, unless you count "abandoned cars" and "no people" as major breaking news). Meanwhile there is a delay on the feed and the feed freezes now and then. So not only am I not really that impressed by this new technology, I don't think that the network has made the most of this amazing new technology.

Then again maybe the reporters are just so thrilled by this mobile unit because it means one less of them has to be one of those schlemiels standing by the side of the road with a microphone getting blizzarded on.