"Meeting in the Ladies' Room" Discussion Group

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I watched "RuPaul's Drag Race" this week and was curious about the song to which the ladies lipsynched for their lives: it was catchy and weird, with a big spoken-word part. I looked it up and it was Klymaxx's "Meeting in the Ladies Room," which apparently was a big hit known and beloved by all but me (until now).

Even though I got on board late, I do enjoy the song, but I think the ditty and its video leaves a lot of unanswered questions. So next time you get together with your musical discussion group, go over these points and try and unpack this song:

Q: What do you think of the neon light punctuation in the video?

Q: What do you think is so great about the narrator's condo?

Q: Where is the narrator's jewelry? Is the man in the video wearing it? Or is that his own jewelry?

Q: Is the man chained to the keyboard in the video her man? And why is he chained to the keyboard?

Q: Do you think the keyboard/chain device is meant to resemble a piece of gym equipment?

Q: Have you ever purchased a Yamamoto Kanzai sweater? What did it look like?

Q: Why does the narrator say "much, much unhappy"? Why didn't she just say "Very unhappy"?

Q: What exactly is the meeting in the ladies' room? Is it to tell off the other ladies? To hear confirmation that the narrator's man is looks good enough to eat? Or just to powder her nose?

Q: When is anyone ever in the mood to be slapped at the dance club?

Q: How do you feel about men's crop-top sweaters?