Condo Association Meeting Minutes

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Snow Removal
It was agreed that shoveling snow is a drag and will continue not to be addressed until somebody falls down and sues the association and that will probably not happen and if it does, the association will just figure it out then.

Pot Smoking
The rest of the association takes exception to the persistent, strong marijuana smell emanating from Unit 4. It was agreed that Unit 4 should either cease smoking marijuana, hide it better with perhaps a candle or some Febreze, or stop being selfish and share with the rest of the association.

Public Nudity
It was raised that the residents of Unit 10 are frequent deck sunbathers, which is of course their right but poses an unsightly problem for those in the association with binoculars and too much time on their hands. It was proposed that Unit 10 cease sunbathing until Unit 10 either tones up or find more flattering swimwear. This will be voted on next meeting.

Small Talk
Unit 5 raised the issue that Unit 8's neighborly small talk is excruciating. Everyone else agreed: it would be preferable and more pleasant just to operate in silence rather than to discuss the weather one more goddamn time. It was voted that Unit 5 shouldn't speak unless there is actually something to say.

Longing Looks
Unit 8 added that that's fine, they were just trying to be friendly, but from now on, on cold days it would be preferred if the residents of Units 5, 3 and 6 will not cast pointed, longing looks from the bus stop to Unit 8's otherwise-empty minivan driving downtown.

Weird Food
Units 12 and 14 demanded to know what the hell Unit 13 cooks every night and why it smells so bad. The answer: microwave broccoli and cauliflower. Units 12 and 14 replied that it smells like farts and can Unit 13 please try something else.

Association Website

Unit 3 proposed that an Association website, maybe a Tumblr, could be a fun and cool way to keep up to date on Association comings and goings. The rest of the association agreed that that's fine, go ahead with that if you want to, but don't expect us to help with or look at the website.

Board Turnover
The Board has raised the fact that no association members have volunteered to take on any Board positions in the last five years and not like it's that big a deal but it would really be nice to take a break. Anyone? Anyone? Fine.

The Treasurer noted that things are probably fine with the Association account, and that the Treasurer was sort of hoping that someone would have agreed to take over the role tonight. The board voted unanimously that "probably fine" is an acceptable amount to keep in the Association account.

Next Meeting
It was agreed that the next Association meeting would take place April 20 at Unit 16's place, since Unit 16 was not in attendance to otherwise decline. An additional voting item was proposed and agreed that it would be great of Unit 16 could serve those mini frozen quiches and definitely more wine this time.