The Hate that Went Away

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I was going to write a post snarking on this K-Y "America's Top Couple" contest I saw advertised in my Real Simple magazine. I was going to talk about how it's so dorky and lame and attention whorey to advertise your relationship and tacky to brag about it and also isn't it weird to agree to appear in an ad sponsored by lube?

But then I realized that a.) the contest is gay-friendly and b.) maybe some people really like the idea of a free trip to New York and spending money and think writing a couple hundred words on how much you love your sweetie and how awesome you are together is but a small entrance requirement.

So...that was your post, but then I realized the contest is still a little weird maybe but kind of cute and innocuous.

Maybe I'll enter.

Maybe I'll win!

(I WILL win...)