Happy Birthday to Steve

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Today is my husband Steve Delahoyde's birthday. Whenever I don't know what to write for this site I ask him for ideas and without fail he says "me," which is not helpful except for today. So I would just like to say, go Steve, it's your birthday. I know I am not objective, but I would like to posit that he is a very nice guy who deserves to have a wonderful day. As I write this the day before his birthday, he is fixing not one but two toilets in our house (for the record, each had a component that broke: it wasn't...us.) He also walked the dog this morning and made coffee. Also, last night he worked really hard on a project for work while I went out and frittered away our hard-earned money on tickets to see "The Black Swan" with some girlfriends (although I think he would feel that he got the better end of the deal.) So yeah, I would say that he should get the ice cream cake and barbecue that he so desires for his big day. Tomorrow though it's back to toilets and work.

In sum: happy birthday, Steve. If you want to tell him you feel the same way, go ahead.