List: Things I Hate About Winter (In Response to This)

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Dry Skin. Currently my face feels like it's being stabbed by a hundred tiny needles and when I touch it, dry flakes shower down like fine snow. My hands are also starting to flake. It's not really my problem but my husband's hands also feel like dinosaur skin this time of year.

Wet entryway which leads to wet tracks everywhere and wet socks.
We can't put down a doormat because our good for nothing cat pees on it immediately.

Coat pockets full of wadded up kleenex thanks to nonstop watering eyes and nose when you're outside. Then the kleenex gets all dusty and icky and falls out of your pocket at inopportune times and you just don't feel great.

Getting fat. The getting fat part can be fun until you realize all your clothes are too tight and you can either buy new ones (which you can't really since you need to buy holiday gifts) or lose a few pounds which is no fun when the weather's freezing and you're invited to multiple parties where you can either partake of delicious flaky appetizers or suffer.

Dressing for the cold. According to catalogs and magazines you can look adorable in the winter, in leggings and cute fuzzy boots and trapper hats and fingerless gloves and oh what fun. This works until about 32 degrees or so and then you just have to get real with yourself: prancing around outside in skirts is fine if you don't mind freezing to death and high heeled boots are great until you bite it on the sidewalk. If you want to be warm you need to dress like an asexual slob.

Not going outside. This is also fun in theory, snuggling up at home by the fire, looking out the window but that only works on Saturdays and Sundays. Monday through Friday you have work and not going outside means spending an hour extra a day inside in front of your computer and then you emerge at the end of the day grouchy and dry-eyed.

However! It's only early December, too early to get this way about winter. But I just wanted to make a point: winter is not really cute and fun. That's just something they sell you. Except for a good fresh heavy snow. That's still fun and exciting.