Some Famous Animals

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I mean it when I say it's been a long time since I wrote a post that apparently stirred the passions of so many: the one about there being no famous animals. Since I am a fair and balanced website, I'll share those letters to the editor:

You need more Zenyatta in your life!






Knut did the famous animal thing for a while but he's too old now. I nominate the Firefox cubs to fill this role.


I think Pierre is an animal hero!

Not only was he featured in media (including NPR and People Magazine) the world-over for his wetsuit but he is currently the star of a hugely successful book Pierre the Penguin that has won the following book awards:

Winner of the California Eureka!
Gold Award for Non-fiction

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
Gold Seal Award

Outstanding Science Trade Book
for Students K-12

Finalist, USA Book News in
Children's Non-fiction for the
National "Best Books 2010"

The fame has not gone to his head at all...he's still chillaxin at 27 years old, eating lots of capelin.


I also nominate Penguin Cat.