2010 Wrapup: Top 5 Sentient Beings In My House

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Hey: I wrote a review of a biography of Syd Barrett over here for the AV Club.

#5: Me
I fell, this year, from #4 to #5 due to my general bad attitude and problems with leaving the lights on, but I have a feeling that I'll still be on this list next year, if just for old times' sake.

#4: The Black Cat
She's small and cute but she bawls like a banshee and goes where she shouldn't (IE, upstairs, and inside the mattress). She's also responsible for 100% of the hairballs in the house. Her fans say she's an iconoclast, but if she can go with the flow a little bit better, she might be more mainstream in 2011.

#3: Fatty White the Cat
While Fatty had her issues with peeing on the doormat and leaving hair and dead skin in her wake, a much-needed shave this fall raised her prospects and general tolerability. A fan favorite, Fatty will climb even higher next year if she can do a better job of not leaving DNA everywhere.

#2: The Dog
He sleeps all the time and sometimes makes funny noises in his sleep and has a soft head that's great for petting. What's not to love about the dog? Well, the fact that he sometimes pees where he shouldn't and is, embarrassingly, afraid of neighborhood children who ask to pet him. If he can clean up his act he might have a shot at #1 next year.

#1: Husband
He puts up with a lot and accomplishes a lot despite his habit of going "What?" after a person looks at him with annoyance/confusion after he does something purposefully annoying/confusing. If he can accomplish the goal set forth for him of learning how to cook something, he'll be #1 with a bullet in 2011.