Now You Have No Excuse: AKA The Second Half of the Workout Song Master List

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Chicagoans, don't forget Funny Ha-Ha tomorrow! Also, this weekend I covered the show Bridalplasty (and if you want to read what I want for Christmas, go here--I already got one of my wish list items! Thanks, Stan and Tudy.)

Last week I posted my current favorite workout tunes and I asked you guys to send in yours. Thanks to everyone who contributed. If you're like me you have a lot of energy to burn after this long weekend of eating so I hope you find a few new favorites for your playlist. By the way, I have one more to add: "Lost in the World" by Kanye West (best for your warmup since you have to get through a minute of a capella music to get to the beats, which are well worth it.)

G6--Far East Movement

--Britney Spears

My First Kiss

Training Montage from Rocky IV
--Vince DiCola

Bottles -- V.V. Brown

L.O.V.E. -- V.V. Brown

The Emperor's New Clothes -- Sinead O'Connor

Faded -- Soul Decision

I do not hook up -- Kelly Clarkson

Love and Sex and Magic -- Ciara and Justin Timberlake

Please don't leave me -- Pink

Take me on the floor -- Veronicas

Lovers in Japan (osaka sun remix) -- Coldplay

"Pillar of Salt"--The Thermals

"Ceremony"--New Order

"True Faith"--New Order

"Bastards of the Young"--The Replacements

"Dancer"--The Killers

Tom Petty-- "American Girl"

"Sweet Child O' Mine"--Guns N' Roses

"Can You Tell"--Ra Ra Riot

"Lisztomania" --Phoenix

"1901" --Phoenix

"Long Distance Call"--Phoenix

"Courtesy Laughs"--Phoenix

"Stay Positive"--The Hold Steady

"Sequestered in Memphis"--The Hold Steady

"You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb"--Spoon


"She Bangs the Drums"--The Stone Roses

"Mr. November"--The National

Abel"--The National

"Lit Up"--The National

"Zero"--Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Y Control"--Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It's Tricky -- Run DMC

Single Ladies -- Beyonce

Ain't Nothing Wrong With That -- Robert Randolph

Paper Planes -- MIA

Low -- Flo Rida

Get Low -- Lil John

Push It -- Glee Cast

Say Hey (I Love You) -- Michael Franti

Olympians -- the Fuck Buttons

Fire Ant -- Bibio

I Got You Dancing --Lady Sovereign

Emerge -- Fischerspooner

Swing Baby Swing -- The DNC

Jump Around -- House of Pain

Sexy Chick -- David Guetta

Ready Steady Go -- Paul Oakenfold

You're So Damn Hot -- OK Go

You're the Best Around -- Joe Esposito. "Y'know, from "The Karate Kid." Montage!"

Hey Soul Sister -- Train

Holiday -- Green Day

Know Your Enemy
-- Green Day

Walk Idiot Walk -- The Hives

Dreamworld -- Midnight Oil

Sirius -- the Alan Parsons Project "So that I can pretend to be a member of the Chicago Bulls."

Born to Run -- Bruce Springsteen "Because, you know, it's about running. True, it's meant to be metaphorical and not about running on the track at Lake View High School, but it is about running."

Rosalita -- Bruce Springsteen, "Because I believe that Rosalita will psych people up for every challenge in their life."

Boil the Breakfast Early -- the Chieftains "Which is a rousing reel that will get you moving, and it has no lyrics so you can think about whatever you want to think."

Baby Got Going -- "pre-sellout" Liz Phair "Which is a song about a lot of things, but the rhythm works for running, too."

Hips Don't Lie-- Shakira "Which reminds me to keep pushing when my hip joints get sore, something that happens to old people like me."

Massive Nights- The Hold Steady "which is just fun and festive and makes me feel like I'm 17 again."

From The Hood Internet's "You Better Work" playlist which you can download here

1. School Of Language x Kanye West - Poor Workout
2. Mclusky - Without MSG I Am Nothing
3. Truman Peyote - Sidewalk Sludging (Airbud)
4. Bumps x The Minutemen x Kanye West - God Bows To Nashira
5. Lil Mama feat. T-Pain x MSTRKRFT - Shawty Get Looks
6. Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle (Monte Noir)
7. LCD Soundsystem - Bye Bye Bayou
8. Caribou - Odessa
9. Clipse x Yuksek - Kinda Like A Big Break
10. Salt N Pepa x Empire Of The Sun - Swordfish Hotkiss Shoop
11. Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better (Bit Funk Edit)
12. Benga x Petey Pablo - Fire Someone 20
13. Dan Deacon - Woof Woof
14. CSS - Believe Achieve
15. The Octagon - One Five Five
16. Lindstrøm & Christabelle x Kanye West - Baby Can't Workout
17. Nicolay - Saturday Night
18. Survivor x Glass Candy - Glass Eye Of The Candy Tiger
19. Dominique Younq Unique - Music Time
20. Paula Abdul x Coeur De Pirate - Cold Hearted Pirate
21. Black Ghosts - Let's Get Physical

And another reader shared this with me:

And finally:

Reward Songs for Cool Down:

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - MIKA

Float On - Modest Mouse