Yahoo! Answers' Questions Answered by the Assoc for the Betterment of Sex

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In case you didn't know, the very helpful book Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk, has been published for your information by the Assoc For Betterment Of Sex. While I am too shy to pose my own questions about sexual sex, I did pass on some of the more intriguing questions posed by Yahoo! answers for the books' experts.

How is babby formed???
Babby is formed when a man put thing into woman's thing and make funny motion. Man screams, woman screams, and everyone is happy! Except for the rest of the people on the bus.

Can you have a third nipple on your nipple?
Sure. Why not? The liberal media might complain, but they'll get used to it eventually. Speaking of which, there's going to be a rally next week on the Washington mall for men with third nipple on their nipple. The Beach Boys (actually, only Al Jardine) will be performing!

How do I tell my mom I'm on my period?
Whisper like it's a naughty, naughty secret. And then burst out laughing. And then perform a dance with yourself, real slow and easy like. Then pull up your pants and get on with your life, sister.

Why do people stare at me?
Let's not lie. You're ugly as sin, and this intrigues people. But look on the bright side: not everyone can say they once worked in a "Dunk 'Em" booth at a street festival! Especially one in Afghanistan.

Is it okay to pray while you are on the toilet?
Judaism actually requires this. There's an exemption for Port-A-Potties at outdoor bluegrass fests, however.

Would you consider me thick or curvy?
We're talking about your penis, right? I'd guess it's more thick than curvy, but I just can't figure out why your cock is wearing a little top hat and holding a cane. It's cute and all, but a little fancy for the workplace, wouldn't you say?

Is my boyfriend lying to me?
No, he's not lying. He did once sleep with a biker chick nicknamed "Lil' Saddam."

If your 15 year old son asked you if you could try on a diaper, would you let them?
Of course! Have you ever seen what teens end up doing when they're not allowed to get their way? It's nasty business.

Im I normall?? Helpp!!!!!!?
Probably not, but if it's any consolation, very few men as shy as you would be considered "normal," at least by the popular and attractive people. You know what really helps? Just hide yourself from the world and watch a lot of TV. Time will go by quickly and you'll soon be dead.