Double Your Fun

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I'm a little sleep-deprived today as Steve and I had a guest in bed with us and she's a bit of a hog. We're dogsitting our friends Molly and Natalie's greyhound Zia while they get married this weekend (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

You probably have gleaned this already but greyhound people are *special* people. We think our dogs are specialer than other dogs which means we're pretty much insane. "Does your greyhound do this?" "Yes my greyhound does that." "Aren't greyhounds funny and special?" is the gist of a lot of greyhound-owners conversations. Molly, Natalie Steve and I have spent time talking about the voices we use when we vocalize what our dogs are thinking (Zia sounds like Daria, Briscoe sounds like a big dumb dope.)

Anyway, what's amazing about Briscoe and Zia is that THEY'RE TWINS OMGGGGGGG. Just look:

(Briscoe's the one in the red collar).

Basically what I've learned is that having one greyhound already makes you kind of silly but having two makes you even sillier. For instance, we are all about stupidly pointing out how the dogs are different, trying to fit the dogs into male/female gender stereotypes. Briscoe is big and dumb, Zia is small and sensitive. Briscoe is easily distracted, Zia is all business. Zia squats, Briscoe marks (often right where Zia's already peed, just to establish who owns that particular patch of grass.) Briscoe's poop bags are blue, Zia's are pink. Can you stand it? Also, you're going to find this unbelievable but would you believe dogs do the same things sometimes? Like they both stretch after they stand up. Who would have thought it???

Anyway, we have four more days of fun comparing and contrasting two greyhounds. Steve already is trying to convince me that we should get a second dog (maybe we'll just keep Zia and pretend like we've moved when Natalie and Molly come back) but I'm not sure there's enough room for two big dogs, two people and two cats. Then again, I think there is a conspiracy to convince women that owning more than one greyhound makes you elegant and classy:


They're just SPECIAL like that.