And Now a Note from My Husband, Steve Delahoyde

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Claire loves it when I tell her about the ideas I have for movies. She listens so hard that she even stops responding to me or talking to me about the ideas. Sometimes she even tries to change the subject because she finds the ideas so powerful and needs to clear her head. That is what happened here. Let's start with the poster:


HORSE COP: UNDERCOVER is a pulse-pounding mystery that asks the question, "Who can you really trust?" The film stars FOREST WHITAKER as Lt. Greg Lubbox, a tough-as-nails mounted police officer working the parks beat. When Lubbox is found dead in his home, an apparent suicide, his horse (voiced by HOPE DAVIS) believes the facts just don't add up. Butting heads with its captain, the horse starts up its own investigation, taking it to the seedy horse underground, forcing it to go undercover and gain the confidence of a horse gang (led by DAKOTA FANNING) to find the haunting truth behind its partner's death.

Here is a frame from a particularly exciting part of the film:


HORSE COP: UNDERCOVER is a can't-miss, explosive new drama from the producing team behind last year's SEAL FISH: THE LEGEND OF DEEP WATER.