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I have an update on my post from a few weeks ago on calling women "lady." I had it applied to me on Friday night but in a kindly way. I was freshening up in the ladies' room after work before Steve was going to pick me up, and the male janitor knocked on the door. I asked him to give me a sec, finished up and came out. "Good night," I said and he said "Good night lady." Just proving that we can bring "lady" back as a salutatory term and have it work both ways.

A few other things. I contributed to this AV Club Inventory, "When Elvira met Tom Waits: 27-plus albums featuring celebrities as cover art."

This Friday night both Steve and I will be appearing, alongside some other very talented people, at 20x2 at Martyrs, a Gapers Block/South by Southwest joint. We all answer the question "Who knew?" in 2 minutes or less. Come check it out.

Then a week after that, Steve makes his official Chicago stage debut in this show which I'm anticipating will be like nothing I've ever seen.

Then the week after that is this.

And then this is a few weeks down the line, followed by a 7 PM appearance at Read Between the Lynes bookstore in Woodstock IL on Friday October 22. Whew!

Did you scroll all the way down here? This is the end of this post. Have a good day, sweetie!