Family Legends of Pets I Never Actually Owned

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Chi Chi the Manchester
Notability: could poop on the curtains, once made my grampa cry when was boxed up and presented as a Christmas present

King and Lady the Doberman Pinchsers:
Notability: King could jump over a fence. Lady once ate one of her babies.

The Cat that Lived in the Basement:
Notability: Apparently didn't have a name. Ate chicken kidneys my grandma threw down to it

Roxy the Irish Setter
Notability: My aunt's dog. Described as a "ditz." Crippling fear of thunderstorms.

Scooter the Cat
Notability: Real name was "Igor."

Jesse the Scottie:
Notability: My dad used her as a pillow

Schultz the Schnauzer:
Notability: Could carry notes around the house in his mouth.

Timmy the Schnauzer:
Notability: Not as good as Schultz

Penny the Something
Notability: Had distemper, allegedly because my dad dropped her but probably not.