Quiz: Are You a Stock Character Bully?

Pick the answer that most applies to you.

1. When you see the school nerd sitting at your favorite stool at the ice cream shoppe, do you:
a.) sit elsewhere
b.) lift him up by the collar and tell him to "am-scray"

2. Do you drive:
a.) Your mom's Cabrio
b.) A 1956 black Mustang convertible that shoots fire from the tailpipe

3. What is your sexual history?
a.) Virgin
b.) Date-rapist

4. Your dog is a
a.) West Highland White Terrier
b.) A Rottweiler named "Bluto" wearing a spiked collar

I lost the answers to this quiz, sorry, so I'm not sure really what to tell you if you took this and are wondering if you are in fact a stock character bully.