Just A Few Issues With Real Simple's "50 Summertime New Uses for Old Things"

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Bleach Bottle
Tie empty bottles together to use as buoys or to mark the deep part of your swimming pool.

Which old materials can I use to fashion together a pond or pool?

Book Cover
Avoid looking like a tourist when traveling. Tuck your guidebook--which screams "I'm lost!"--inside a different title's cover (try one in the native language, if you're overseas) to double-check directions more discreetly.

Because locals in big cities stand around staring at covered books looking confused.

Aluminum Foil
Fashion a funnel of foil to neatly transfer salad dressings or condiments from tacky plastic bottles to pretty carafes or back again. Place it in the bottle and pour away.

Let guest go hands-free at an outdoor party. Flip a bucket upside down and top it with a tray for an impromptu cocktail-holding side table at the perfect height for lawn chairs.

So, just to be clear: salad dressing bottles=tacky. Bucket tables=perfect.

"50 Summertime New Uses for Old Things"">
"50 Summertime New Uses for Old Things"">