DJ Incredible Zulk

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I made my DJ premiere last night at DDPP. No worries that only four people showed up, as the tornado sirens were blaring. You can read the writeup of the night here. But if you want to hear what music I played, well stay right here.

Warm up:

Going right into some old school stuff:

Taking it way back:

Slow it down, catch your breath:

State of emergency!

A couple of classics:

Some happy pop:

My ringtone:

This one won't embed but in case you are dying to know which Katy Perry song I prefer to "California Gurls: go here.

This segues into some more girly stuff:

And then we finish with some Chicago talent starting here:

And this:

And I wasn't sure how this would go over but basically it was everything I could ever ask for:

Finally cool down.

We had a great time busting various moves, and the pre-dance beer sure didn't hurt.