Don't Sell Yourself Short, Sun-Chips

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Chips are not my poison, I confess. Some people are very particular about what type of chips they eat but for me chips are a food item I forget about. I do have my favorites though: I like Cape Cod chips: the folded-over ones are the best ones. And I have a really hard time eating a normal portion of tortilla chips. And I sometimes secretly crave Doritos, which is one of those foods that really doesn't have a legitimate reason to exist. But I do enjoy Sun-Chips too, maybe because they feel like slightly more virtuous versions of Doritos. It's a specifically SHAPED chip covered in some sort of delicious salty powder. And Sun-Chips has done a good job convincing you that somehow it's kind of not that bad for you. I think just the word "Sun" or the brown flecks in the chips.

I remember the first Sun-Chips commercials because they featured the Beatles' tune "Good Day Sunshine" which was a good idea. But how Sun-Chips has fallen. Nowadays they're not using the music of one of the most popular acts of all time to advertise its tasty, slightly mysterious product. They're trying to sell you on the fact that its bags are biodegradable.

I guess this is once again part of Sun-Chips' ploy to let us know that it's somehow good for you (or someone), that if they use responsible packaging then it must be responsible food. But while we all fall for pretty packaging I think trying to sell an audience based on the new and innovative thing it comes in just indicates that they're selling the same old shit and haven't found a new way to spin it. See: the many packaged variations in which you can buy Miller or Bud Light.

You'll see some variations on the new Sun-Chips campaign wherein a bag of Sun-Chips is thrown on the ground (not a good way to appeal to your trendy yuppie responsible audience) and it turns into dirt. I admit that were I not the kind of person who believes in the 5-second rule so strongly I don't even bother saying it out loud, this would repulse me. It should, though: "Sun-Chips! Now served in reconstituted dirt!"

So Sun-Chips, I am on to you. I know your product is still the same. I still don't mind it. But you are not enticing me with your "Our food makes good trash!" campaign.

You are however enticing me with your commercial featuring super cute Joel McHale. OK, I guess you got me after all.