"8 Clothing Items You're Probably Overwashing"

I got an email with that subject line from Real Simple, a magazine I like but whose emails are pretty much impossible to unsubscribe from. Before I take a look at the email I'm going to guess what things it says I'm probably overwashing:

1) My paper pants. They are rather too delicate for that.

2) The bottoms of my shoes. It's OK if I get the sidewalk dirty.

3) My suede jacket

4) The scarf spun for me by my pet spiders. That thing will never get clean.

5) My everyday bouquet which is actually more of an accessory than a clothing item anyway.

6) The contents of my wallet

7) The little dog that lives in my bag although I don't see what's so wrong with wanting to make sure she's tumble-dry fluffed every day but people are picky

8) The lace wedding gown passed down through five generations originally brought on the boat over from the old country by my great great great great grandmother. I guess it will just never get completely white.

I was mostly right. See the real answers here.