The Most Obvious Reasons Why I Gave the Gabourey Sidibe Episode of SNL a B+, According to Some Commenters

I am practicing "reverse racism." I hate whites and love black people. I wish I wasn't allowed to vote or own property. I wish I had to drink from a separate drinking fountain. I wish I was human property. Not just me but all us white people, because we are the worst. The simplest way for me to express my opinion of the superiority of black people is by indicating that I am generally favorable towards an episode of "SNL" hosted by a black actress.

I have "feminist tendencies." Anything women do is funny. Anything men do about women is sexist and evil. Basically I am not going to kiss you or make you dinner or take your last name and I want to pay the same amount of dry cleaning as you and I'm going to take your job and I am not going to breast-feed your baby and I think men aren't allowed to say anything about women but women should be able to do take away men's jobs and get more praise for doing so even if they do an inferior job and that includes hosting a live sketch comedy show.

Fat people are better. We all know this. They're more real and nicer and I hate skinny people. The best way for me, again, to exemplify how I prefer overweight people is to discuss how much they make me laugh.

I suck. The simplest explanation as to why I liked the episode is because I am bad at it. I purposefully set out to make people think, "this feels like it was written by a midwestern housewife who reads nothing but People Magazine. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm not sure how to articulate the exact problem, but... boooo! Does anyone else at the AV Club watch SNL? A music reviewer. an HR person, or the night custodian or something? Please?" The answer is, no, I am the only one there, and even if I weren't I got hired because I do such a bad job and because I am so incredibly terrible.

Some Commenters">
Some Commenters">