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Oh I don't have anything new for you today. I did cover 5 hours of American Idol for the AV Club plus discussed what movie's made me craved food and wrote about Project Runway for the LA Times and reviewed Game Change and the Happiness Project for Emusic.

No, I do have something to say. Somebody who just added me on Facebook posted a link to this blog post: 10 Steps to Catch a Cheating Partner. I like how somebody felt that paranoid people with bad taste need their own advice columns. Here's my competing advice:

1.) Be an adult and voice your suspicions to your partner.

2.) Shut up.

3.) If you still don't trust him/her, and you've, say, gone the extra step of going to counseling, break up because either you're being cheated on or you're nuts. There's no way your partner's going to say "Oh, ya caught me! Good thing you secretly filmed me! Now everything's going to be much better. I love you."

Much shorter and simpler.