Valentines Of Note

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(First, if you want to read who my old TV crush was, go here. If you want to laugh at people who don't understand sarcasm, read the comments. And if you want to read about why I dig the show "Be Good Johnny Weir," go here.)

From my in-laws:
My in-laws very kindly sent Steve me and me electronic Valentines. They are kind of futuristic (the Valentines, not the in-laws): photos of us were uploaded and then made to look like they were talking. If you think this sounds a little creepy, it is. I am pretty sure the in-laws did this on purpose which is their true way of saying they love us.

From the dog:
The dog gave me a Valentine. What was interesting was that he signed it not with his pawprint, but with an outline of his pawprint. His tracing skills are rather messy.

From my parents:

I had a hell of a time finding a Valentine that wasn't quasi-dirty, for a spouse or for a little kid. Somehow my parents found two separate cards that were specifically for "daughter and son-in-law." I was shown-up.

From my husband:
Steve made me a video where a Muzak version of "Just the Way You Are" played while he drew mustaches on a bunch of pictures of me.