People, Listen to Me: Only Jeans are Jeans

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I'm noticing a disturbing trend in fashion where pants that are not jeans are made to look like jeans. First, let's start with "jeggings": I didn't know this was actually a word until I heard it used on the show "Kell on Earth" (the jury's still out on this show: I know a lot of people like Kelly Cutrone because she's a no-makeup-wearing hardass but so far that's not enough for me, nor are her good-looking but dumb interns).

Anyway: jeggings. They're leggings that look like jeans, I guess if your regular jeans aren't tight and revealing enough. However, the conundrum here is that a lot of people wear leggings for "comfort" and I think there is a clash of worlds going on if you're at once wearing leggings for comfort but also seeking to be as revealing as possible. In the end, it only works on the very thin, and as we all know thanks to the obesity crisis, those people don't exist anymore. I don't believe this is a trend we're going to look back on as a true classic. Also, the word "jeggings" is problematic for me. It sounds like either an underground street dance or bad fake slang made up for a high-school based TV show or movie, IE "Hey check out those fake jeans: they're jeggin'!"

For those who want to go the opposite route: who like the look of jeans but find jeans to be too binding and restrictive, there are PajamaJeans (I wish they were called Jajamas). This is very sad to me. You want to pretend like you are not the slob you actually are? Clearly you feel some sense of shame, IE I should look better than this, but as opposed to actually putting on some real pants, you choose pajama pants that look like jeans. I have an idea: why don't you dress those up with this, and you'll look like a Rockefeller!

Can't we just live in a society where clothes are the clothes they look like? Because I know where this is going to go, otherwise: socks that look like shoes? We've already done hats that look like hair. Or maybe we'd go making body paint work-acceptable, and if you're like me you find that stuff off-putting and confusing as opposed to sensual.