"Biggest Loser" Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Susie Thompkins, from season 8 of the show, has maintained a weight loss of 200 pounds, from 300 down to 100. She says she eats what she wants, but merely supplements it with a dose of crystal methamphetamine. She enjoys sighing heavily whenever she sees a person on the bus taking up more than his or her allotted seat space.

Henriette Smith and Roger Bowen are happily married, after each having lost over 100 pounds on the show. They married each other because no one else wants to listen to their healthy living bullshit.

Todd Burch, season 9, is still down to 200 pounds from 400. He quit his job as a lawyer and now has a thriving business selling comfortable couches to overweight people. "I know what they like," he says proudly.

Jill Young lost ten more pounds since her season finale, 110 pounds down from a total of 250. She is a personal trainer because she wants to "pay it forward." Also, to make a little cash because her husband left her after her weight loss for getting too uppity.

Paul Oakley, season 10, is still keeping a svelte figure, down from 400 pounds to 180, which he constantly enjoys rubbing in the face of his fat family

Kimmie Phillips, season 11, is happy at 150 pounds, 25 pounds up from her "Biggest Loser" finale weight but still down from 300 pounds. She blames her stupid family and job for the weight gain.

Owen George is fat again, back up to 300 pounds after having lost 100 pounds, because eating is more fun than exercise and screw you.