What is Your Communications Style?

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I am a red. I appreciate when others are direct and state the facts quickly. I am a raging racist which is evident to everyone else because I spend a lot of time pointing out how everyone else around me is racist.

I'm a blue. I enjoy having all the details and time to process them. I take shameless advantage when free food is put out for all to share.

I am a yellow. I am spontaneous and like personal connection. I am that person in the bathroom who is silently sitting there when you arrive and silently sitting when you leave.

I'm a green, which means that I'm sensitive and like to be approached as courteously as possible, even though I am a huge bitch.

Hey I have things for you to read if you like. My writeup of Dexter for the LA Times. I contributed to this. And check out this great post Melissa Walker did on my book's cover.

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