Unlikely Animal Friends

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This weekend I watched a very informative show on National Geographic called "Unlikely Animal Friends" which is almost exactly what you'd think it would be. If you're a busy person and only have time to watch the best unlikely pairings, let me break down for you which unlikely animal friends are adorable and which are a waste of time.

Christian the lion and people. I wouldn't exactly call this an Unlikely Animal Friend. What's most outstanding about Christian's story was that he was purchased at Harrod's in London. Then, the entirety of the viewing time was spent more in astonishment that nobody lost an arm or a head in this tale, instead of any possible cuteness.

The dog and the orangutan. This hands down is the best of the unlikely animal friends since the orangutan does wonderful things like put its arm around the dog and then fall on his back for no reason. Also, the orangutan has his own little life jacket for when he goes swimming--how great is that? The only part that's sad is knowing that the orangutan will one day grow too old for the dog and also that adult orangutans are much less attractive than youngsters.

The antelope and the lion. This one's not so great: a lioness hunts down a baby oryx and instead of killing it, keeps it around. Since the people at National Geographic decided to be straight with us it wasn't as charming as it seemed. The lion was described as the antelope's "jailer" and basically was more just fulfilling its own insane needs of fake motherhood than really loving the oryx. If it were humans this would be a Lifetime movie.

The crow and the kitty. This was a pretty good one as both the crow and the kitty were obnoxious to each other: the crow would bite the kitten's tail, the kitten would beat on the crow's head. Match made in heaven. And there was also an old man who adopted the cat and if you didn't fall for the old man, you hate humanity.

The tortoise and the baby hippo. This was a pretty good one as the adorable story was already in place: the tortoise? 130 years old. The hippo: an orphaned baby. The hippo would push the tortoise (slow, as you might guess) to come on walks and the tortoise would bite the hippo to tell him to slow down. Plus, they're both in the gross/cute category. Also, what ARE hippos, anyway? Like big pigs? Or more like elephants? I don't think anyone knows. This adds to the mystery.

The dog and the elephant.
As everyone knows, the two best animals in the world are elephants and dogs. You don't actually get to see that much one on one elephant-dog time except for the moment where the elephant examines the once-injured dog with her trunk to make sure she's OK, but it's sweet all the same, especially since the dog strikes me as the bossy know-it-all of the duo. I think they should go on a double date with the orangutan and hound dog.

Also apparently there is a health care bill situation going on? But clearly I didn't have time to address that with much more pressing news to cover.