My Ball

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First order of business: Chicagoans, the next Funny Ha-Ha is scheduled for November 11 at the Hideout from 6:30-8 PM and features hilarity from The AV Club, the Tribune's Maureen Ryan, Cast of Shadows author Kevin Guilfoile, scenes from I Saw You, films from Steve Delahoyde and a bit of hosting and reading from me. More details to come.

Secondly, I just need to sing the praises of this ball:


I got it in a little gift bag for appearing at a writers panel thing and I thought "Huh, this is funny" and didn't think much of it. You had an eyeball floating in a ball with some glitter.

It wasn't until a few days later when I discovered how extra-awesome it is when I threw it on the floor to try to raise the interest of my dog--that didn't work but I was thrilled with the results. Not only is the ball extra bouncy, get this: it lights up and flashes and changes colors in a crazy way when you hit it. So let's count the ways this ball is great:

a) bouncey
b) full of liquid
c) eyeball
d) glitter
e) mini stage-show inside the ball

For a while the ball rolled around on the floor and then my husband and I hid it around the house for each other to discover (the shower, someone's underwear drawer, the microwave). Finally we got tired of that and I thought about putting the ball away but I think we just have to play with it forever at least until the light goes out.

So I just wanted to endorse the super most awesome fun toy ever. You don't need to buy any other Christmas presents this year other than this ball. Basically, the only ball ever to beat my ball is this one: