Which Of These Things is Most Awesome?

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If you want to read something I wrote right now, check out a guilty pleasures roundup I did for Emusic. But if you want to read something I wrote tomorrow, I think you should pre-order my book WHICH IS COMING OUT TOMORROW OMFG!!!111one!111

Sunday my friends Liz and Rich came out to brunch with my friend Meghan, my husband and me. They were in town for our friend Lauren's (an old Zulkey.com contributor, if you can figure out who she is) wedding and we were dissecting the previous evening, which was long and filled with bellydancing, fireworks, regular dancing and steak and booze. I recalled a part of the night where Rich, who had been drinking a clear brown liquid much of the evening, said I had a nice husband who let him blither at him for a long time. "Did I say that?" Rich said. "Wait," said Steve. "You don't remember the part of the reception where you told me that we were the only primates that took pictures of candy?"

Let me back up a bit though, because while Rich (and everyone) may have been drunk, at least part of this observation made sense. Here were just some of the desserts put out at the wedding:

wedding cake (several flavors)

popcorn (several flavors)

parfaits (several flavors)

bagged cotton candy with the bride and groom's name on it

fruit (WTF?)

an assortment of cookies with to-go boxes

an assortment of candy with to-go boxes

So it made sense for the photographer and other people to take pictures of this ridiculous spread. But Rich was so into this hypothesis of his that he actually tried to acquire a pen, on one of his trips to the bar, so he could write this down. Rich is a journalist and was pretty set, at the time, on reporting this situation which, you'd have to admit, would be a pretty probing piece. Why are we the only primates that take pictures of candy? What do other primates take pictures of? And are there non-primates that take pictures of candy?

I am still trying to sort out the best part of this whole situation: Rich's article idea, the fact that Steve sat on it for twelve hours and revealed it in a public forum, or the fact that I was at a wedding where it was in fact normal to take pictures of candy? I choose all of the above.