My 5th Grade Poetry (Pet Edition).

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Friends' Pets


Furry little guinea pig,
from beneith [sic] your hairy wig
how do you get so plump,
and looked like a cute little lump?
You do everything at about your own will,
but always seems to be so still.

Whiskers [a catfish]

Small blind mild,
During lunch he would go wild
We always tried to make him find it,
Drives you crazy when he would just sit
Eating the carasses [sic] of dead fish,
I wouldn't want that for my supper dish!!

At home

Daisy [an Airedale]

Wild, gallumphing [sic], big
Under the fence she would dig.
Drove our other dog crazy.
I don't know why I named her Daisy.
One day she slipped through the door.
This had happened many times before.
Little did we know we would not see her anymore.

Bonnie [a West Highland White Terrier]

Small, old, mean.
Lickes [sic] her paws 'till they are clean.
Is one heck of a guard dog,
When she's tired she sleeps like a log
In winter she sleeps on my bed.
She constantly has to be fed.
Loves to lie on the door mat.
She's slow, lazy and kind of fat.

at school


Blackie the gerbil was oh so fierce.
With teeth and claws that would pierce.
Lots of cardboard she would chew.
The people who disliked her were very few.
But one day she seemed too calm,
She would just lay curled up in your palm.
One sad day dear Blackie died,
Every single one of us cried.
It's not the same with her sister Patch
They really made a wonderful match.

Mr. Green Jeans [a chameleon]

Small, green, fast,
Several different skins he would cast.
It's amazing how he would eat
Crickets and mealworm meat.