I was funnier then

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Notes my mother made about my hilarious antics as of 2/25/82 (not quite three years old)

"Today she work up early (7:30 AM). I asked her why she was up so early and she said the goldfish woke her up."

"Today she was down in the kitchen and I was upstairs changing. She was yelling up to me to be sure to keep contact. She kept yelling--'Mommy--I can't hear you.' I yelled back from the top of the stairs 'Can you year me now?' and she screamed back 'No!'

"She was at the pediatrician's yesterday and was looking at an infant and said to the child's mother 'I was a baby.'

"When Mr. Rogers changes his shoes she says he has stinky feet."

"One night last month [her baby brother] Jack was jabbering away and I said 'Claire, I don't understand what he's saying, do you?' and she said 'No, he's talking Spanish.'"