Could Angels Be the New Vampires?

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As a Young Adult author, it is important for me to keep up on what the young people like to read (and summarily not write about those things, because I hate money and success).

In my research, I came across this story that suggests that in terms of teen reading, angels are the new vampires. Could angels really be the new vampires? This raises a slew of burning questions. Could mummies be the new zombies? Could Frankenstein be the new wolfman? Could Jesus be the new Mohammedan? Could fairies be the new faeries? Could unicorns be the new pegasi? Could puppets be the new claymation? Could little people be the new elves? Could blood be the new beer? Could eternity be the new apocalypse? Could Halloween be the new Rosh Hashanah? Could dogs in Halloween costumes be the new children in Halloween costumes? Could mermen be the new centaurs?

Do you see where I'm going with this?