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Last night I covered "So You Think You Can Dance" for the LA Times (it's back!) and "Top Chef" for the AV Club.

Is anyone else a little scared of the new Ann Taylor advertisements? "Ann is tired of being all work and no play." "Ann is sick of taking things so seriously." There's something a little ominous about them, like Ann has maybe worn one sensible yet cute suit too many is about to seriously lose it and maybe throw a kitten heel at the President or perhaps accessorize the face of an innocent bystander. "We're ready to change into something more beautiful," the ads say. Either that means they admit their clothes have been less-than-beautiful or perhaps it really means they're about to start selling jackets made out of human skin. I am probably just misinterpreting this whole campaign but to me when I think of "Ann Taylor" now I think less "fall wardrobe" and more "avoid getting stuck with in an abandoned hotel during a snowstorm."