Brett Favre Just Wants Attention

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I don't think that Brett Favre really cares anymore about who he plays for, playing football at all or even the concept of retirement. That drama queen just wants the spotlight to himself. It's pretty pathetic, and it's only going to get worse. Let's face it, he's a lady of a "certain age" and at a certain point he's going to be too old to play football. You can totally tell that he's the type who won't acknowledge it though until it gets embarrassing. He'll be wearing pants too tight for an old broad like him to pull off, shouting out plays when he should be murmuring demurely. He'll probably get tossed out of the league and the just announce that the NFL is just "jealous" of his fabulousness. And then we know what'll happen next. The clubbing. The dating of high profile jerks like Joe Francis or Brody Jenner. And before you know it he'll be calling the paparazzi ahead of time to let them know that he's leaving parties with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Then there'll be the rehab. And the leaving rehab early. And going back into rehab. Slutty magazine spreads, feuds with other gals. And then he'll probably release an album that will be not as bad as it could be but still unnecessary. The magazine covers of him with his finger coyly in his mouth. The spray tan line. The ratty extensions. The attention-getting haircut and the coming out of limousines with his legs open for the whole world to see. For some reason, they'll love him in Japan. And then, inevitably, crying about how the world won't "leave him alone." And then probably the sex tape, and maybe a stint on "The Surreal Life." And then there'll be talks of another comeback of course, but by then, it'll be just too damn late. By then his sluttier little sister will have taken on the scene and the best he'll be able to do is get cameos on her own reality TV show while his soulless parents count the money their poor, lost, jaded children have made them. You kinda feel sorry for people like Brett Favre, half lost little girl, half whore for fame. But you kinda hope they go to jail, too.