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So there is this TV show called "More to Love" which is "The Bachelor" but for larger-than-what-you-see-on-TV-sized women. One of the campaigns I saw for it said something like "The average American woman is a size 16. The average reality TV show woman is a size 0. Finally, a reality TV show where REAL women find love."

You know I spend my life looking for ways to feel slighted and outraged and I think I am on to something here. So if the average reality TV show lady is a size 0 but in the meantime there are these other shows that cater to "real" people ("More to Love," "Dance Your Ass Off,"), how about those of us who are only semi-real? You know, those that fall square in the middle of 0-16? Forget for a second that I am already technically married--where is my chance to meet some person on TV and mostly likely be publicly humiliated in my quest to find televised love? I GUESS I could go on "Project Runway" or "Top Chef," where you don't have to be any particular size to participate, but I am too fat to otherwise participate on most love shows but too non "real" to get on the "real people" ones.

I guess I'm just going to have to be forced to find emotional satisfaction off-camera although I don't know what the point of that is.

(Hey meanwhile you can see me exercising my inner attention whore tonight at Quimby's, and also, I did this funny project called Significant Objects. Bid on it! I'll get some money. For the record my dad is still with my mom and he is bald like he has been for ages).