The Better Behavior Wheel for My House

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Theme: Taking too long to read the newspaper

Consequences: Spiteful recycling (by her)

Not cleaning up cat urine in a timely manner

Theme: Not using gym membership frequently enough

Consequences: Passive-aggressive reminders (from her)

Consequences: Constant bitching (from her)

Theme: Neverending bitchiness

Consequences: Retaliatory bitchiness (from him)

Theme: Reading for too long before bed.

Consequences: Complaining followed by protest-sleep (by him)

Theme: Complaining too much about doing laundry.

Consequences: Non-purposefully guilt-inducing laundry assistance (by her)

Theme: Not closing the pantry door all the way

Murder (by him)

Theme: Wanting ice cream

Consequences: ice cream

The Better Behavior Wheel for My House">
The Better Behavior Wheel for My House">