My Husband Likes the Show "Bridezillas"

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Here are some reasons why I suspect this is so:

It makes him feel like more of a man. Basically, the majority of women on this show boss their men around like little children and they take it, often pretending like it's a joke and they're just letting their fiancees pretend like they're in charge. But watching the show he knows that he's never had to take some harpy demand that he take etiquette lessons, make embark on a pointless crash diet the day before the wedding, scream at him about how his family is stupid, or yell at him about how he drives. Well, sometimes I yell at him about how he drives but he has the balls to yell back at me.

It makes him feel like he picked a nice wife.
See above. Also, I never scream his name in his face. "STEVE! I want you to do this...NOW." I've also never demanded that my friends gain/lose weight, told him that he'll never see his friends again, or ever said "They can wait for me."

It makes him feel like he has a hot wife. There is no non-superficial-sounding way to put this but I think he is happy that I am not morbidly obese with big hair and long acrylic nails.

It makes him feel like he has a nice house. For some reason most of the people on this show, probably because they spent all their money on their wedding, live in these flimsy-looking houses with fluorescent lights and cheap furniture and lame art on the wall. The only thing Steve loves more than "Bridezillas" is HGTV so he feels like we've got it going on, in comparison, in the home decor and real estate department compared to these people.

He's a hopeless romantic. Who likes sarcastic voice-over work.