The Jennifer Koppelman Hutt Interview

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Today I'm chatting with the co-host of one of my favorite TV shows, "Whatever, Martha!" It's like "Mystery Science Theater 3000" for girls (and boys too). Basically, Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis and her friend Jennifer sit around and make fun of clips from Martha Stewart's show, occasionally trying her projects out themselves, occasionally just sitting around and talking smack. It just works--my husband digs it, my mom digs it and I can't wait for new episodes to come back to the Fine Living Network (which you probably have, if you have cable, and didn't realize) in September. The two also host "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer" on the Sirius satellite network. I am sad that I couldn't find more clips of the show to link to so I could show you which segments Jennifer discusses, but alas, they're not all online. Here's one though.

What type of "Martha Stewart" segments seem to yield the ripest material for you two to riff on?
There is plenty to be found in every episode! But I like how some of the simplest tasks Martha does can seem unbelievably complicated. And I always enjoy watching Martha with a young man.

What have been your favorite episodes of the TV show so far?
I loved the lizard feeding episode. Martha was sure to julienne the vegetables so as to please the eye of the lizard!

What TV shows do you watch?
I watch "American Idol," "30 Rock" and "Saturday Night Live".

What's something you share in common with Martha?
I like to learn, and I am fascinated by people.

The lead-ins to each segment make me laugh sometimes--how scripted are they?
They are not scripted! And that's why they make you laugh. It was so silly. We would be about to start shooting and the producer would say., "OK... you are going to watch doggie dishes." And I'd look at Alexis and ask what she thought that meant. Or we'd be given a title like "Yo yo quilt." and I immediately thought of "yo" like a hip hop artist and/or a toy yo yo. and then we just said whatever came to mind. Nothing on the show was scripted.

Have you ever heard back from non-Martha guests you've discussed on the show? IE have the felt-hat or corn-jewelry people rung you up and yelled at you for making fun of them?

No one has yelled at us yet, but give them time!

Is there anything Martha-related that you've decided (or was decided for you) is best not to discuss on the TV show?
No. We said everything and left any issues up to the editors.

I am fascinated by the snacks that are put out each episode. Who decides what gets put out there, and does anybody ever eat them? I saw Alexis eat sardines once and Jennifer, you ate some nuts but otherwise they are untouched.
The set/props designer decided the snacks and put them out. We didn't choose nor request, and frankly the idea of eating on camera was not appealing- especially when it was chips. I may have a fat ass, but i didn't need anyone watching me add to its size by eating breadsticks!

How do you decide what to talk about in the final segment of each episode?
We tried to come up with topics we'd talk about on the radio- since we are most comfortable doing that. Sometimes we went off a list of ideas we had and other times it was just whatever was on our minds that day while shooting.

For those who haven't seen the episode where you discuss it, can you please talk briefly about your sweet sixteen party?
My parents surprised me by hiring Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. I had written my sweet sixteen invitation (which was a rap song sent out on a cassette tape - it was 1986!) to the tune of "You Talk too Much" by Run DMC, so my parents hired them to perform. It was wild really.

Who would you rather have on "Whatever, Martha!"? Conan O'Brien or Zach Braff and why?

Hmmmm... I like them both but I think Zach Braff would be more fun. I'd worry about Conan being too stiff.

What's the tastiest thing you've eaten lately?
I had a great sushi roll made with crabstick and spicy tuna and eel sauce and some crunchy on it. It was a week ago and I'm still thinking of it.

Do you listen to other shows on Sirius?

I listen to the Blend and CNN.

Are you working on projects other than "Whatever, Martha!" and the radio show?

We are always working on various projects! Something's gotta stick.

What are you currently reading?
Like many 15 year old girls, I am knee deep in book two of the Twilight series.

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