Look at that Girl

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"A University of Chicago student organization, which calls itself Men in Power and promises to help men get ahead, faces controversy and critics who charge that its premise is misogynistic." (photo: Phil Velasquez / Tribune)


What is that girl doing? This poor guy doesn't know, because today's society has set him up to be a patsy to girls like her. Look at her, sitting there, eating her sandwich, a sandwich he probably deserved but she received due to affirmative action. Reading that book. What is SHE doing reading a BOOK? What teacher taught her how to read, while some white male student suffered in the meanwhile? Look at that girl. She is up to no good and this poor young man can't do anything about it.


Oh no! She used her evil feminist powers to discern that this innocent young man was merely wondering whether he, as a white male, has really gotten all the opportunities he possibly could in life. Look at her! No, wait, don't look at her: she's wearing short pants. But imagine that she was wearing long pants, or a skirt, and see the hate in her eyes. She is going to take him down, possibly with that book, or possibly by unfairly getting ahead of him in life. You do not want to mess with a girl like that: she is so intent upon bringing the man down that she even left her meal aside in order to plan how to get more opportunities and attention than this man ever will. If only this young man had been given the tools that he needed, as opposed to them being wasted on some girl or some ethnic person, he'd have the brains to turn around and defend himself against this female.

And I don't want to scare you but there are more girls in that picture too, see? All getting ahead, while this young man sits and stares. What is wrong with America?