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The movie "Obsessed" is out, starring Beyonce as the wife of Idris Elba, who works with Ali Larter, a white she-devil who attempts to seduce Elba and becomes Obsessed with him and then Beyonce becomes Obsessed with Ali Larter's Obsession, or something.

Since this movie looks like a giant stinkbomb, I think it's the movie's publicists that are actually stirring up this accompanying controversy on the topic of white women stealing handsome successful black men away from black women.

I'm sure that there are plenty of bad white apples out there who are in fact doing this. But "Obsessed" is not symbolizing a larger issue. We white women are already Obsessed with holding on to our own men, whatever color they may be, analyzing their every phone conversation, wondering what they REALLY MEANT BY THAT, agonizing over just how into us they may or may not be.

However the movie is, in fact, illustrating a very specific issue and that is people stealing Idris Elba away from anybody.

In case you don't know Idris Elba, he starred as Stringer Bell on "The Wire" and did a guest spot on the US "Office." But more importantly, this is Idris Elba:

Hello? I would try to steal him away from any woman: black, white, Indian, Chinese, Icelandic, Pacific Islander, Native American, Eskimo, you name it. Are you kidding? Look at his face! Listen to his British accent! And I'm sure everyone else, including probably a couple of straight men, feel the same way. I would do whatever it takes. I will be naked in his hotel room. I'll be in his bed. I will touch your child. (FYI these are quotes from the movie trailer. I really don't want to touch your child). Are you telling me that you'd expect anyone not to lust after Idris Elba? This is not a racial issue. This is an Idris Elba issue.

If you had made "Obsessed" with any other black guy (like, say, Urkel), I don't think that the sense of psychosexual racial tension would be nearly as strong.

Black women, I speak for the majority of white women when I say we do not mean any harm towards your domestic situation. Unless, again, you are married to Idris Elba--and you probably stole him from some other lady anyway, while her back was turned. And nobody would blame you.