Kind of Harsh (and real) Answers from House Beautiful's Article "Green Living Talk Me Down!"

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"I like to be toasty. Putting on socks and three sweaters just doesn't do it for me. I keep the thermostat cranked up while I sleep"

Katherine Tiddens: My first response is that you can either put on a sweater now, or freeze in the dark when we run out of fossil fuels.

"I hate the light from those new energy-saving bulbs. I just can't bring myself to give up that warm glow of incandescent bulbs."

KT: You have to.

"I need air-conditioning. I sleep better, I feel better. I'm not above leaving it on all day while I'm at work, soI come home to a comfortable temperature."

Lori Bongiorno: I have to say: Suffer for 10 minutes!

These were only taken out of context to the extent that I eliminated the answers that followed. I didn't know that being green meant you were so crabby all the time.