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I'm tired of medical organizations complaining about the portrayal of cigarette smoking in movies. Maybe they wouldn't care so much if movies showed more fat, ugly unemployed people not in love smoking so that at least the fact that people smoke would be portrayed but it wouldn't be 'glamorized'.

Moreover I'm sick of the one-note of these complaints. It's always cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes. How come you never hear from other medical organizations complaining about the representation or lack thereof of their pet causes in movies and TV? The American Podiatric Association should complain more about women's unrealistic portrayal of how easy life is in high heels in romantic comedies. Other than the occasional sexy beach scene, nobody puts on SPF in the movies--where is the American Dermatological Association? I know I am easily swayed by what I see on TV so while my dentist tells me that I need to floss every day, I never see it happen on TV hence I'm not sure if I really am going to do it. And you never, ever see people pooping in the movies or TV but why hasn't the American Gastroenterological Association made a peep about this? You'd think they'd be upset about all the cinematic blockage going on.