Things That Taste Better Than and Worse Than Being Thin Feels

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I was reading a gossip site the other day and in response to a picture of skinny Anne Hathaway (or somebody), a commenter wrote "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels." I'm sure you've heard that line before. It always struck me as a stupid little saying that is allegedly supposed to encourage you to stop pigging out ("a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips") but in reality just exists out there, uselessly, being annoying.

On a quasi-related matter, thanks to a game called WhooNu that I am currently obsessed with, I have taken to ranking things in my head as better or worse than the other, even if they're not really related to each other (bookstores, snow days, trucks, dogs, fireworks--the correct order being, of course, from best to worst: snow days, dogs, bookstores, fireworks, trucks).

Having been both fat(tish) and thin(nish), I realized that there are some things that taste worse than what being thin feels like, there are a whole ton of things that taste better than being thin feels like. I would rather be thin than eat, say, dirt, or plain chicken breasts, or soy-based energy bars, or artichoke hearts from a can, or black licorice, or grapefruit, or cherry candy, or fish-flavored chips. I would however trade being a little bit fatter in exchange for macaroni and cheese, fresh chocolate chip cookies, warm french bread served in a paper wrapper.

Some things are toss-ups I suppose, like plain warm sticky white rice. On one day that can sound totally unnecessary to a thin person but other times you just need to scoop up a little ball of it. It depends I guess, on the day and how good being thin feels and how sticky and perfect that rice is.

And yes, there are things that feel better than being thin. Like the smugness of sitting in business class on an international flight, or having a drink in the afternoon on a sunny workday while everyone is in the office. Or, realizing you're old enough and, while not quite 'thin', thin enough not to care anymore about stupid skinny aphorisms.

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