Hard times hair

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Do you ever read rich people magazines and they make a passing reference to this tough economy? It will say things like "Try not to brag about your massive wealth" or "Save money by only taking your yacht out once a week". Well, I have a similarly stupid way of paying respect to these hard times, and I call it "hard times hair." Basically what this means is that I haven't gotten my highlights touched up since October since the thought of spending the money on them makes me a little sick.

I have a few friends who also are enjoying the look of "hard times hair" too. You can tell because of the four inches of dark hair emerging from the roots. But here is the thing: if you're spending enough money on your highlights (enough to buy a pair of shoes), hard times hair actually looks pretty good. Good highlights still look good even after they're past their prime. So this means that eventually I will be forced to go back and get them done again, because it's better for the economy if I feel good about myself (it increases productivity) rather than quit getting them altogether. I'll just have to make some sort of sacrifice, like get a cheaper brand of caviar or start lighting my cigars with $1s instead of $10's.

Anyway, I wrote about Idol again last night.