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There is a lot of crap that happens in Chicago politics, which we all know and are strangely kind of proud of. But today I am angry--no more parking meter holidays. Nobody's ever going to want to come downtown at night without the possibility of scoring a weird free good parking spot--that's what we all live for. Think about how awful everyone's parties and dates will be because everyone will have to leave periodically to go "feed the meter" which we'll all get sick of saying. When I was dating my husband and I lived in a big high rise on Lake Shore Drive, we'd circle the block or sit with the engine on between 5:50 or so until we could get out and go in and know the car would be safe overnight. Without that free parking, I guarantee you we would have broken up, and it would be irreconcilable.

Do you want a sad city, Mayor Daley? Do you? This isn't going to look very good for our 2016 Olympic bid.