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I was up late last night writing about Dexter and also about Summer Heights High so I don't have many coherent thoughts today.

I also went to St. Louis this weekend for one night, for a wedding. Thanks to the wedding group discount we got to stay at the Four Seasons and I don't think I can stay in another type of hotel ever again. I watched "Hairspray" from the rain-bath shower since there was a TV embedded in the bathroom mirror.

In direct opposition to the luxury of the Four Seasons was the horror and confusion of the City Museum. Of course I highly recommend this place but it is one of the strangest attractions I've ever visited, perhaps even moreso than the House on the Rock.

The most immediately frightening thing about the museum is this multi-storied jungle gym strapped onto the museum (which is made from an old shoe factory). Bits of old buildings, airplanes, buses are all strung together by a handful of chicken wire. It looks very exciting for a child and quite terrifying for an adult. It looks like a great place to break your neck or dangle precariously before falling to your death. When we were there there was even a bonfire going on, which people were roasting marshmallows over but also supplied a scary burning smell to go with the entire experience.

I think what makes the museum so confusing is that you expect to learn stuff at a museum, but we just saw stuff. Like, an old trailer in a room jammed with a bunch of old arcade games that didn't work. A huge sculpture of a whale where you could climb in via its mouth and out its anus. And my favorite, a pretty big thrift store stuck onto the gift shop, where nothing is explained but you're instructed to take no pictures.

There is also an aquarium which I did enjoy because it had river otters, which are incredibly cute and make adorable cheeping noises, but the aquarium seems sort of like what somebody would run out of their garage. At the petting zoo portion, I doubted that anyone would have noticed had I simply taken one of the bunnies out of its enclosure and put it in my purse.

It was a confusing, delightful, horrifying waking-dreamscape nightmare and I didn't get it at all.

Of course, I recommend it to everyone.