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I don't really know how I feel about the potential bailout of the auto industry except that it doesn't sound like the greatest idea. What I really don't care for are the Congressmen and women and auto bigwigs who use stupid soundbites to get their points across Some examples:

General Motors boss Rick Wagoner: "We felt we were well on the road to turning around the North American business" (bad pun)

Ford's chief executive, Alan Mulally: "We'll come out the other side - we'll be a turbo machine," (even worse pun)

My favorite comes from Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), who said "And while they want America to go on Lean Cuisine, they're doing spa cuisine." First, I don't really understand is who they "they" is. But here is what really bugs me, as someone quite familiar with Lean Cuisine. When I hear "Lean Cuisine" and "spa cuisine" in the same sentence, I don't think of two different things. I think of Lean Cuisine.

Now if she was like "And they're trying to tell you it's spa cuisine, but really it's Lean Cuisine Spa Cuisine" or something, that would kind of make sense. Not a lot, I guess, but in terms of frozen low-calorie entrees, it would sort of make sense.

I should go into politics.