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So I'm getting married in a few weeks and our best man wrote us a song and I'm sharing it here with the lyrics so that you can enjoy it and sing along. Feel free to sing it to your co-workers.

Such lovely hair
Why do you stare
At shortened dwarves and woolen bears
You see them all when you're not there

Oh, Claire
You've traded shares
With ballsy prayer
You've outrun ghouls and frothing mares
But never one to put on airs

Oh, Claire
When will you dance with the dead?
When will sun sprinkle your head?
When will machines stay out of your dreams?
Maybe when you find

So full of steam
So peachy keen
You build dogs that fawn and preen
And view your feet with great esteem

Oh, Steve
So fancy free
A Potpourri
Of silent song and loud decrees
Minding testy qs and ps

Oh, Steve
When the honkies align with the stars
Is that when you'll take them to heart?
When will the popes fly into the air?
Maybe when you find

Steve and Claire
You're quite a pair
without a care
Fiends will try and take you wares
You'll whip them with your flaxen hairs

Oh, Steve and Claire
So debonair
A zealous dare
You dream of baubles fine and rare
You'll find sweet solace in your lair

Steve and Claire
Claire and Steve

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