Analyze This Relationship

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I don't have an interview for you, yet again, but rest assured some are in the werks. In the meantime, a scene from my house, since I really don't have anything to say right now about Sarah Palin except that she is no Teddy Roosevelt (I bet she doesn't have nearly as many pets:)


My roommate and I are on the couch watching John McCain's speech. I am looking through a fancy home effects catalogue sometimes going "Ooh this is pretty" or "Look at this" or "I wonder if this would be a nice present for so-and-so."

My roommate looks at me disapprovingly.

I ignore him.

He goes "Ha, look at that guy!"

I say "What?"

He says "What are you doing?"

I say "I'm reading this catalogue!"

He says "But you're missing the speech"

I say "I can hear it perfectly fine. There's not a whole lot going on."

He clearly disapproves.

Eventually I finish my catalogue and resume my attention to the TV. An extremely thin, attractive young Republican in the audience pops up on the screen.

Me: "You can tell those girls are all big sluts."

He: rubs me on the leg lovingly and says "See? Isn't this more fun to do together?"